Pricing Guide

The prices below reflect average prices per element, but final pricing will be set individually based on our consultation and design. 

Setup and delivery will be calculated by a percentage ranging from 10-25% of the total cost of the event and is dependent upon travel time and labor needed. Basic delivery without setup starts at $50.

Wedding party

Bridal Bouquet $225+
Bridesmaids Bouquets $95+   
Boutonniere $15ea
Corsage $35ea
Floral Crown $65+
Hair Flowers $15+
Flower Girl Rose Petals $15
Toss Bouquet (Complimentary)      


Arch Decor $300+
Ceremony Arrangements $150+
Aisle Rose Petals $150+
Aisle Chair Arrangements $25+
Aisle Entrance Arrangements $75+  


See images here

Birch Rounds $5 ea
Small Birch Pedestals $15ea (as seen here)
Large Birch Pedestals $20ea (as seen here)
Copper Arch $75
Gates $40 per gate

Reception & other

Standard Centerpieces $75+
Pedestal Centerpieces $150+
Specialty Votive + Candles $2ea
Cake Flowers $35+
Buffet Table Arrangement *$125+
Escort Card Table Arrangement $75+
Cocktail Table Arrangements $25ea
Gift Table Arrangement $75+
Guestbook Table Arrangement $75+
Bar Arrangement $75+
Floral Place Setting $2+
Buddy Vases $15+

*Specialty product, extensive design detail, or added setup requirements may be subject to additional charges.